Gold Loan

Gold loan is a secured loan in which a member pledges his/her gold ornaments as collateral with WEMS FINANCE NIDHI LIMITED . The WEMS FINANCE NIDHI LIMITED , in turn, gives a loan amount as per the market value of gold to the member. It is a very quick and easy way of fulfilling member;s financial needs as compared to the other loans.

Benifits Of Availing Gold Loan From WEMS FINANCE NIDHI LIMITED :

  • Faster and easier transactions
  • Quick disbursal of loan
  • Best value for gold in the market
  • Security and insurance of gold pledged

How Value Of Gold Jewelry/Ornament/Goldbar,Coin Is Calculated:

The market value of your gold is calculated according to the per gram market rate of gold on the day of the loan application. If pledging gold ornaments or jewellery/Goldbar,Coin , only the parts that are gold are used to calculate the value; other metals, stones and gems are excluded from the calculations.

What Is The Tenure Of Gold Loan Provided By WEMS FINANCE NIDHI LIMITED :

The minimum tenor is 3 months, while the maximum is 11 months.

What Is The Maximum Loan Amount That I Can Take:

You can avail a maximum loan of up to 75% of the market value of your gold depending on the quality of the gold.